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Re: propaganda

Tara Lee Wittchen <tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca> had this to say about propaganda

}ps+/ the issue of all ages vs. licensed shows has been beaten to death on
}this list so many times. please stop it now before we start repeating
}ourselves over and over again, confident we will change the opinions of
}others who do not see it from our point of view. :) 

Funny how we've never heard from either a) a grownup who admittedly 
goes to gigs because they want to get pissed, or b) a kid who 
admittedly goes to gigs just to be cool and talk with his/her pals.

This doesn't mean that these people don't exist in vast numbers.  It 
means that (surprise) they're not real music fans and thus are not 
on such forums as SloanNet.

Thus when a grownup posts and says he hates kids who only show up to 
show off their new duds, and a kid replies saying he loves music and 
doesn't go to gigs just to be cool, the kid is defending himself 
against a comment which wasn't directed at him.

Same thing when a kid writes to complain about drunk metalhead 
"adults" moshing in his nice little highschool gym.

Anyway, my point is that it's pointless to argue this point when 
only the good parties are here to argue about it.  It's like this 
movie I just saw at Wormwood where Anarchists and Communists fought 
simultaneously against the Fascists in the Spanish Civil war, but 
wound up fighting between themselves beacause they had different 
ideals of how to run their country after they hopefully freed 
themselves from dictatorship.

OK, then again maybe it isn't like that.  But it's still getting us