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Re: liscensed shows

At 01:08 AM 8/1/96 -0700, you wrote:
>heather cooper wrote:
>> Can you tell I'm a desperate teen trying to go see a decent show?  I'm 
>>18 and a half yet forced to see all the shows with the 15 year old 
>>alterna-kids who use the evening more to show off their new kensington 
>>market duds than to enjoy the music.  I don't even enjoy most of these 
>>shows anymore because there's such an astonishing age gap.  I know that 
>>sounds really retarded but it's the truth.

wow. i'm sorry that you are just too cool for kids who are like 3 years
younger than you. hmmmm think about it how old were you 3 years ago? 15.
damn that wasn't too long ago now was it. not all 15 year olds are like you
describe them. That really isn't an astonishing age gap at all. my boyfriend
and i are 3 1/2 years apart, and obviously i get along with him better than
hmm...anyone. i also get along very well with people twice my age...and even
older. I think the reason you can't enjoy these shows are because you can't
get off yr high horse long enough to. kids go to shows for one reason. THE
MUSIC. there is nothing else there for them to do..(except stalk the band
members, but that's another story..hehehe) 
and don't try to act so cool just cause yr almost 19. 
you are the one who needs to GROW UP
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