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doughboys show

Doughboys played here with Elevator to Hell, 
Strawberry and Supercar on Monday.  It was 
the first sell out show in a year at the 
barn, coincidentally since the last 
doughboys show.  supercar were great.  
elevator to hell rocked (also, while on 
stage it was mentioned that tara used to be 
in a band called orange glass, as rick and 
marc used to be in eric's trip... in answer 
to whoever asked's question,i assume 
this means the line-up of OG has changed).  
strawberry were on as usual, although they 
seem to be stuck in a melancholy phase...but 
happily, they will be on tour in upcoming 
months from Ottawa to Vancouver with Nerdy 
Girl I believe.  And then it is off to the 
studio to record an album which will be a 
bit of a departure as the boys will have 
more lead vocal tracks (which is great, as 
those of you who have heard the band Down 
know...if you haven't heard down, I suggest 
you check 'em out...in my opinion,they're up 
there with Merge as one of the best PEI 
bands...of course they don't exist anymore). 
doughboys were truely excellent.  there was 
a lot of action by john kastner, who managed 
to climb up to the third floor and do a bit 
of body surfing mid song.  

also, on another note, rumour has it there 
will be another venue opening up this coming 
year. it'll be larger than most places 
here (in Ch'town)...seating somewhere in the 
5000 (?) range?  It's not like a club or 
anything, but there will be bands booked 
there...of course on a larger scale.  And 
there are rumours of an outdoor show 
sometime in the next year too.  
but who knows what comes of rumours...