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liscensed shows

heather cooper wrote:
> Can you tell I'm a desperate teen trying to go see a decent show?  I'm 
>18 and a half yet forced to see all the shows with the 15 year old 
>alterna-kids who use the evening more to show off their new kensington 
>market duds than to enjoy the music.  I don't even enjoy most of these 
>shows anymore because there's such an astonishing age gap.  I know that 
>sounds really retarded but it's the truth.

  i would just like to say that i disagree with that.  i am 16, which 
isn't all that far away from 15, and I don't see why just because someone 
is a little older than me and legally allowed to buy beer that they have 
some greater degree of coolness than me and should therefor be allowed 
into shows.  i'm not complaining about a set drinking age, or denying 
that there are too many dumb teenyboppers at shows, i just think it's 
unfair to judge all people younger than you as less mature and less cool.
   this is in no way an attack towards heather cooper, i'm just tired of 
being catergorized because of my age.
 ------sorry this is so negative, it's just that i feel sort of strongly 
about it.