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hello i must say thanks to everyone for the whole mail box full of the
19+-allages b.s. come on now i'm 18 and i can't go to 19+ shows. but when i
go to an all ages show.... i'm not there to watch what other people are
doing or what they are wearing. i thought you people where complaining
about the people, that go to shows and don't watch the bands. what are you
doing then.. and i would like to say that it's not that hard to book your
own show and if you want it all ages than do-it-your-self that's the only
way things will be done. sorry to be the bitch about this subject but who
cares what people are doing at show go and watch the band not all the
people who are there. and for those who haven't been to a 19+ show.....
it's the same thing some people are there to see the band and there are
others who are just there to get really drunk and yell at the band. so all
i have to say go have a good time and don't worry about the people there
because the band is more important. atleast that's what a lot of you wrote.
reply private or send it to everyone if you want you voice heard...thanks
for your time.

ryan (lego-man)
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