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Re: liscensed shows

I had a couple kids (10-14) come to the window of CKMS
one morning and they started asking questions about the
station and what I played... I told 'em anything I want,
but mostly Canadian music. They asked what that was, so
I asked them, "Have you heard of..." bands I thought they
might know. It turns out they'd heard of the
T. Hip (of course), but they *didn't know who Sloan was*.
That was the day I decided to stop complaining about
the type of crowd at all-ages shows, and just be thankful
that there are lots of teenagers interested in Canadian

I'm one of those myself, actually. Growing up in a boring
small town meant I got myself to UW a couple years ahead
of schedule. A couple tips:

1) Get to know the opening band, so you can hang out with
them instead of spending a boring 4 hours before the show
starts. Knowing whoever puts on the show is good, too, or
the booker of the university bar. They're especially nice
to people who want to review the show & give them press!

2) Put on flashy clothes and walk in the back door. Wave
to the soundperson as you enter. Carrying a guitar case
is a nice touch.

3) NXNE doesn't ID people with press passes.

4) Put on your own shows! Lots of bands I've talked to 
want to play all-ages shows, but can't, because bars 
want to sell beer and thus outlaw under-agers. If a
band's touring from away, they're going to want to
play as many shows as they can & might be willing to
do something in your area.

5) Fight it! A musician friend of mine told me about
reading about a court case where 19+ shows were ruled
discriminatory on an age basis. It could just be a 
rumour, but if you know a lawyer, run it past them...
maybe someone could challenge the law. I'd do it, but
I've only got 8 months to go and I've got the rest of
the system figured out fairly well. Besides -- Kitchener's
so small that 90% of the Volcano shows are all-ages!

Hope this helps someone!