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Re: liscensed shows

>as an australian i plead ignorance and ask why at 18 and a half you need to
>go to all ages shows.  here in australia at 18 you can legally drink,
>smoke, and get into pubs. is it different there?  again the ignorance is
>inexcusable but the reply will only enhance my knowledge --- right?
>awaiting the train of knowledge to arrive at my platform

In Canada the legal drinking age is 19.  I think the limit is fine, but it
was pretty horrible when I was younger because it seemed so far off.
However, I kind of liked the idea of sneaking in to see shows.  It made me
feel like some kind of outlaw.  I think all ages shows are pretty cool in
concept, but must admit it takes alot of patience to handle the crowds and
the teens who got too drunk in the parking lot (...and before you jump the
gun, I'm not trying to suggest that all "teens" are like that...).

I'm always hearing people complain about licensed events but I think there
is an opposite bias as well.  Some bands continually play all-ages afternoon
gigs and ignore the licensed events.  Grasshopper is a case in point (sorry
I couldn't think of an east coast example...maybe someone can provide an
example for me...).  They are one of my favorite bands but I've never seen
them live because a good majority of the time they're playing in the
afternoon.  The last thing I want to do on a Saturday afternoon is stand in
some club.  I know for the most part that these bands probably have a bigger
highschool following, but c'mon, there must be others out there who'd want
to see them in a licenced venue.

An oppressed drinker,