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all-ages shows, clothes and other special things.

 and yes i hate going to 
>see shows where people don't seem to give a rat's ass about the band 
>that's performing and are more interested in trying to kill each other or 
>the people around them, but if you love the music, you have to take the 
>good with the bad. 

Hello boyz and gurls.

A couple of things to note on this topic. 

First of all, I don't think that all-ages crowds necessarily equate with
people not paying attention to the music. It has been my experience, both as
a concert-goer and as a musician, that all-ages crowds often pay far more
attention to the band and spend more money supporting bands (through buying
of CDs, shirts and such.)

I think that generally people at the moment are less interested in live
music, especially the people in Ontario who have access to it all the time.
The shows that seem to work are often all-ages shows in towns where kids
don't have access to live music. And in these towns it is the under-19s who
fill up the hall.

All-ages shows have helped bands, there can be little doubt of that fact.
Sloan, for example, insisted in their contracts for Twice Removed, that the
shows be all-agers if at all possible. 

As for kids being more concerned about showing off their new clothes, I
don't think that ceases to be an issue when one turns 19 and I doubt that
many people pay money to go to a gig and turn it into a fashion show.
Perhaps the ones who complain just don't have the same cool taste in clothes :)

Ok -- that's all.


"We spent our money on guitars, wrote songs about our broken hearts..."
-The Wannadies