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KW Super Friendz volunteers

Hey folks...

If anyone in the KW area is willing to sacrifice part of their afternoon to
help out with the *FREE* Super Friendz show this Friday (August 2), please
email or call me at 884-3583. (People with knowledge of sound systems and/or
barbeques would be especially appreciated. We may also need someone with a
car on Saturday morning.)


Patrick Wilkins              Proud Survivor of Shad Valley Acadia 1994
          2A Independent Studies, University of Waterloo
            Imprint Newspaper and CKMS 100.3 FM Radio
(Beautiful Music for Ugly Children -- 100% CanIndie, Sundays \!/ Midnite)
Upcoming shows: Superfriendz 10" release August 2nd. Plumtree w/Sydney on 
  Sundays, Ludes, Bumblepuppy, and Henry August 29th. Email for details.