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Re: all-ages show

>First of all, I don't think that all-ages crowds necessarily equate with
>people not paying attention to the music. It has been my experience, both as
>a concert-goer and as a musician, that all-ages crowds often pay far more
>attention to the band and spend more money supporting bands (through buying
>of CDs, shirts and such.)

I definitely think that all-ages crowds pay more attention to the music, for
the simple reason that the only reason people under 19 go to shows is to see
the bands.  At least, that's been my experience. 

>All-ages shows have helped bands, there can be little doubt of that fact.
>Sloan, for example, insisted in their contracts for Twice Removed, that the
>shows be all-agers if at all possible. 

Bless them a thousand times over for that!!  I was only 17 when they came to
London last time, and I was sooo happy when I could actually get into the
Embassy to see them.  

About the moshing issue...I haven't been to any just licensed shows, but at
the all-ages ones I've been to, the people being most irresponsible in the
mosh pit were "adults".  Drunk adults.