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>764-HERO (Fri 6th \!/ Cooler)
>9 Lb Hammer (Wed 4th \!/ Coney Island High)
>Archers of Loaf (Wed 4th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>Artifacts (Wed 4th \!/ Wetlands)
>Babe the Blue Ox (Thurs 5th \!/ Knitting Factory)
>Bahamadia(Wed 4th \!/ Wetlands)
>Beta Minus Mechanic (Fri 6th \!/ CBGB ???)
>Biohazard(Fri 6th \!/ Roseland)
>Blackeyed Susans (Sat 7th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>Bodyjar (Fri 6th \!/ CBGB ???)
>Bopcity (Wed 4th \!/ SOB's)
>Brainiac (Thurs 5th \!/ Knitting Factory)
>Brazilian Night (Sat 7th \!/ SOB's)
>Tom Browne (Wed 4th \!/ SOB's)
>Buffalo Daughter (Fri 6th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>R.L. Burnside (Thurs 5th \!/ Continental)
>Bush League All Stars (Thurs 5th \!/ Lion's Den)
>Butter 08 (Fri 6th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>Cake (Thurs 5th \!/ Roseland)
>The Cardigans (Thurs 5th \!/ Roseland)
>Johnny Cash featuring June Carter (Sat 7th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>Catpower (Sat 7th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Chavez (Sat 7th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Chinchilla (Fri 6th \!/ CBGB ???)
>Chisel (Thurs 5th \!/ Under Acme)
>Chrome Cranks (Wed 4th \!/ Coney Island High)
>Cold Cold Hearts (Fri 6th \!/ Cooler)
>Critters Buggin' (Fri 6th \!/ Knitting Factory)
>Cub (Wed 4th \!/ Maxwell's & Thurs 5th \!/ Coney Island High)
>The Delta 72 
>Dig (Fri 6th \!/ Mercury Lounge)
>Ditch Croaker
>DJ Evil D & the Beatminerz (Wed 4th \!/ Wetlands)
>Downset (Fri 6th \!/ Roseland)
>Heather Eatman (Thurs 5th \!/ The Fort at Sidewalk Cafe)
>Electric Frankenstein (Wed 4th \!/ Continental)
>Elysian Fields (Fri 6th \!/ Mercury Lounge)
>Emmit Swimming (Thurs 5th \!/ Wetlands)
>The Figgs
>French Caribbean Night (Fri 6th \!/ SOB's)
>Fullfledge (Fri 6th \!/ Tramps)
>Gaunt (Wed 4th \!/ Continental)
>Gorky's Psychotic Mynci (Thurs 5th \!/ Roseland)
>Groovie Ghoulies (Thurs 5th \!/ Coney Island High)
>Guv'ner (Fri 6th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>GWAR (Wed 4th \!/ Limelight)
>Half Hour to Go (Thurs 5th \!/ Under Acme)
>Handsome (Thurs 5th \!/ Wetlands)
>Harvester (Thurs 5th \!/ Under Acme)
>The High Llamas
>Ignite (Fri 6th \!/ CBGB ???)
>Incredible Force of Junior (Fri 6th \!/ Cooler)
>Jenny Mae (Wed 4th \!/ Continental)
>Jungle Brothers (Wed 4th \!/ Wetlands)
>Kostars (Fri 6th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>Kula Shaker (Wed 4th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>Lambchop (Fri 6th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Land of the Loops
>Brad Laner (Sat 7th \!/ Mercury Lounge)
>Latimer (Wed 4th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Lois and Friends (Wed 4th \!/ Knitting Factory)
>Long Fin Killie
>Loop Guru (Wed 4th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Lordz of Brooklyn (Fri 6th \!/ Roseland)
>Low (Wed 4th \!/ Knitting Factory)
>Luscious Jackson (Fri 6th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>Magic Dirt (Fri 6th \!/ Tramps)
>Manhole (Fri 6th \!/ Roseland)
>Manic Street Preachers (Thurs 5th \!/ Wetlands)
>Barbara Manning (Wed 4th \!/ Maxwell's)
>Marcy Playground (Thurs 5th \!/ Lion's Den)
>Mash O' Matic (Thurs 5th \!/ Lion's Den)
>The Melvins
>Merge Night (Fri 6th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Mighty Diamonds (Wed 4th \!/ SOB's --- Late night)
>Modest Mouse (Fri 6th \!/ Cooler)
>Moe (Fri 6th \!/ Knitting Factory)
>Moonshake (Wed 4th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Moviola (Wed 4th \!/ Continental)
>Mr. T Experience (Thurs 5th \!/ Coney Island High)
>Neurosis (Sat 7th \!/ Coney Island High)
>Next Millennium Night (Thurs 5th \!/ Supper Club)
>Nothing Records Night (Thurs 5th \!/ Irving Plaza)- Can't say bands
>Oblivians (Wed 4th \!/ Coney Island High)
>Pansy Division (Wed 4th \!/ Maxwell's & Thurs 5th \!/ Coney Island H)
>Pee Shy
>Perfume Tree (Wed 4th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Plexi (Wed 4th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>David Poe (Fri 6th \!/ Knitting Factory Alterknit Room)
>The Poemfone Poets (Thurs 5th \!/ Nuyorican Poet's Cafe)
>Portistatic (Fri 6th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Pram (Wed 4th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Prolapse (Sat 7th \!/ Tramps)
>Pusherman (Thurs 5th \!/ Wetlands)
>The Queers (Thurs 5th \!/ Coney Island High)
>Railroad Jerk (Sat 7th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Raincoats (Sat 7th \!/ Tramps)
>Red House Painters (Sat 7th \!/ Mercury Lounge)
>Red Kross (Fri 6th \!/ Tramps)
>Vernon Reid (Fri 6th \!/ Knitting Factory)
>The Roots (Wed 4th \!/ Wetlands)
>Satchel (Thurs 5th \!/ Wetlands)
>Scrawl (Wed 4th \!/ Continental)
>Sebadoh (Thurs 5th \!/ Tramps)
>Semibeings (Wed 4th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Sense Field (Fri 6th \!/ CBGB ???)
>Shades Apart (Fri 6th \!/ CBGB ???)
>Shivers (Wed 4th \!/ Coney Island High)
>Sightseers (Thurs 5th \!/ Lion's Den)
>Sleater-Kinney (Fri 6th \!/ Cooler)
>Elliot Smith (Wed 4th \!/ Knitting Factory)
>CL Smooth (Wed 4th \!/ SOB's)
>Sparkmaker (Fri 6th \!/ CBGB ???)
>Speed McQueen (Sat 7th \!/ Continental)
>Spent (Fri 6th \!/ Westbeth Music Hall)
>Spoon (Wed 4th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>Star 69 (Fri 6th \!/ Mercury Lounge)
>Stuck Mojo (Fri 6th \!/ Roseland)
>James Taylor Quartet (Thurs 5th \!/ SOB's)
>Texas is the Reason (Fri 6th \!/ CBGB ???)
>Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments (Wed 4th \!/ Continental)
>Those Bastard Souls (Thurs 5th \!/ Tramps)
>Triple Fast Action
>Ultra Bide'
>Unwound (Fri 6th \!/ Cooler)
>Urbanator (Wed 4th \!/ SOB's)
>Van Pelt (Thurs 5th \!/ Under Acme)
>Versus (Wed 4th \!/ Knitting Factory)
>Victory Records Hardcore Matinee (Sun 8th \!/ Wetlands)
>The Wedding Present (Sat 7th \!/ Tramps)
>Gillian Welch 
>Josephine Wiggs (Fri 6th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>Whirlpool (Fri 6th \!/ CBGB ???)
>Wilco (Sat 7th \!/ Irving Plaza)
>Yolk (Thurs 5th \!/ Lion's Den)
>Alvin Youngblood Hart (Fri 6th \!/ Knitting Factory)
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