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elevator to hell 1/3

last weekend elevator to hell played three nights
in a row in the halifax area (almost:).  Friday 
night at the cafe ole in halifax, an all ages 
venue. Saturday night at the birdland and then on
sunday night at the project(planet??) x in 
Hebbville, which about 1 1/2 drive from hailfax.

Friday July 26 1996  Cafe Ole  Halifax

Strawberry:  I missed them(almost), can't really review on the 1-2
             songs i saw. But the other times I seen then I wasn't

Elevator to hell:  The played a fairly short set, about 30 minutes
                   playing mainly newer songs.  I'm not use to them
                   without Ron on keyboards, they don't quite sound
                   the same. They put on a solid show. Tara always
                   looks sooooo happy to see familiar faces at shows.

Doughboys:  I spent the first 10-15 minutes of thier set outside having
            a shit with mark guadet, shannon, heather, katrina, and
            shant.  by the way "having a shit" means talking, not...
            after that I left for pizza and sleep.


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