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elevator to hell 2/3

Saturday- July 27 1996  Birdland  Halifax

Strawberry:  somehow i missed their set again, must have been the onions.

ETH: they played one the strongest sets I cand remember seeing. Mark
     was right on, which makes me think he is a better drummer for
     ETH than Eric's Trip because he gets to do solos and show us
     what he can really do.  Tara was still as happy as ever.

Doughboys: I can't really say much here.  I stayed backsatge for their set
           where the volume of the show was down to a comfortable 120 dB 
           I also had fun watching people steal water and pop from the 
           doughboys' reserves for after the show.  Some napping also
           took place :)

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the slightest idea what he was meant to do about it.  
It wasn't a situation he had encountered before. " -> D.N. Adams

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