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Re: liscensed shows

On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, Patrick wrote:

> 3) NXNE doesn't ID people with press passes.

	oh yeah they do! i can honestly say it DID happen to me at NxNE.
WE were at Lee's Palace for hHead.  i fortunately was 19 but still i
couldn't believe that they actually ID'd me 'cause i look about 24!  so
you can't really assume 'cause as they say you might make an ass
out of you and me.  teehee!  but i know the door people at Lee's can be
dicks so...........
BUT i also got ID'd at the El Mocambo during NxNE when i went to see
Chickpea!  so i don't know...maybe i'm getting younger looking with every
year i age. ;)

oh well...at least i can flash my valid 5-3-77 drivers license at them and
smile smugly.  
Coach Jules, Seductress of Young Men (and bass players!)
			RAWK Journalist Extrodinaire
						All-around Riotgrrl
ps about the Thrush Hermit/Local Rabbits show at the Rivoli.  
Hint: sneak in the back...it really works...just do it when others are
walking in the back so not to look suspicious...Good Luck! 

and BEHAVE!  ok ok that was a cheap shot at you young un's.  just kidding!