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A wee bit dissappointed am I

I'm not sure if this was brought up yet (haven't been around fer very 
But anyways, Sloan will be playing soon here in Wpg. At a festival of 
some type. 
Here's the catch.....it's about $25 for the day, not that i;d mind paying 
it BUT.....the event is Sunfest. Notorius for drunken jocks (i mean this 
term very losely, not as to catagorize everyone). You know, the type who 
can only have fun while intoxicated, think they're "all that", large, 
hurt you when they step on your toe, etc. The kind of event that there 
was only, around 7 rapes last year throughout the weekend.
Anyways, i don't think i (or many Sloan fans) really wanna put themselves 
into this somewhat 'odd' environment. Sad, eh? (also on the bill is that 
Vince guy who used to be in Motely Crew or something).

So anyways, i guess my point of this babbling is that if any any any of 
you talk/see any Sloan member, anyone associated with Sloan, etc. to 
convince them, urge them, force them, etc to play a club show or 
something (my basement??) since they are coming all the way out here.


"I want my old life,
 Fuck this time and place"