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well, for anyone who cares (i know there are a few of us), the new scarce 
album "deadsexy" quietly blew into stores today! i picked it up today and 
it has *6* different tracks from the european version (not that many have 
heard it anyhow), but it *rocks!*
anyone who's seen them live knows what i'm talking about, and there are 
even a few who have taken a chance on the band and really dug it, so to 
each their own, but i'd highly recommend it!
it has a new improved version of "all sideways" that's almost as good as 
the "red" ep version, as well as a few songs like "crimea river", "rains 
of kansas" and "salvador sammy" that weren't on the old version of the cd.
go buy it. you won't regret it!