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bunch o stuff

first on the block: shows and the ages debate.

All of you should remeber you were once the 14 or 15 old going to the show.
It's funny how some slag others about something they once were. I also read
an article were singer from Rebecca West said she hated all ages shows
because all the kids slam danced and moshed to thier songs. Its simple if
she doesn't like it, play 19+ shows, its not too hard to firgure out. I also
find it funny how all these people go to shows and say something like "hey
look at what he/she is wearing can you believe that??" I hate all the people
who say things like that, they remind me of why I hated high school, they
remind of the table in the cafe who are way to good for people who are
different, thats part of the reason I got into the "indie" scene to begin
w/, because I *thought* people accepted you for who you were, but I quickly
learned thats not true. All I'm gonna say is if you don't like the idea of
an all ages show, don't go, its that simple. (BTW I'm 19, and really don't
mind the youngen's goin to shows, at least they go and support the scene) 

>Grasshopper is a case in point

Boy I love grasshopper, its true though, most of thier crowd is under the
age of 19. I would also have to say that a majority of Sloans fans are under
age also. At the last three sloan shows I've been to, at least 50% of the
crowd was under the age of 19. When they play the Embassy in London they
always sell the show out, but when they play the Unversity pub, the show is
never sold out, so thats gotta tell ya something about how old the sloan
crowd is.... 

>Bless them a thousand times over for that!!  I was only 17 when they came to
>London last time, and I was sooo happy when I could actually get into the
>Embassy to see them.  

If this was the Local Rabbits and Hip Club Groove show w/ Sloan, they
limited the # of underager's to 100, which I thought was fair due to the
fact the club holds about 200-250 people.

>About the moshing issue...I haven't been to any just licensed shows, but at
>the all-ages ones I've been to, the people being most irresponsible in the
>mosh pit were "adults".  Drunk adults. 

I agee w/ that statement 100%, its always the old metal guys who would mosh
to Tori Amos if she was playing a club.

>oh yeah they do! i can honestly say it DID happen to me at NxNE.
>WE were at Lee's Palace for hHead.  i fortunately was 19 but still i
>couldn't believe that they actually ID'd me 'cause i look about 24!  so
>you can't really assume 'cause as they say you might make an ass
>out of you and me.  teehee!  but i know the door people at Lee's can be
>dicks so...........

ya, but Lee's Palace don't seem to mind if someone underage wants to buy a
beer. When I was the merch guy for a certain Sonic Unyon band, I was
underage, but had not problem what so ever getting a beer, even though I was
only 18 at the time.


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