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Re: bunch o stuff

On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, **shawn morris** wrote:

> >About the moshing issue...I haven't been to any just licensed shows, but at
> >the all-ages ones I've been to, the people being most irresponsible in the
> >mosh pit were "adults".  Drunk adults. 
> I agee w/ that statement 100%, its always the old metal guys who would mosh
> to Tori Amos if she was playing a club.

hmmm. well, i don't know if i agree with that completely. at least at a 
licensed club, there are bouncers or whatever who'll weed out the people 
who are drunk or stirring up too much shit.
besides, don't tell me that none of the kids going to all-ages shows 
don't drink either. they do too...don't blame it on us who can go to the 
bars and drink if we can. personally, i hate drinking at shows....at 
least any more than 1 or 2 beer. i like to enjoy (and for the most part) 
actually remember the show the next day.
another thing about all-ages shows, you can point out the "drunk adults", 
but i hardly find them as annoying as the kids who think it's cool to 
crowd surf! i'd rather be knocked around a bit when i know where it's 
coming from instead of being booted in the head when i least expect it!
to each their own...that's what i feel on this issue.