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this just in:

hercules, at the oasis, next friday (august 9), rest of lineup to be
determined at a later time. be there or you won't be there.

ps/ come to the birdland on this friday. just for kicks.
ps+/ the issue of all ages vs. licensed shows has been beaten to death on
this list so many times. please stop it now before we start repeating
ourselves over and over again, confident we will change the opinions of
others who do not see it from our point of view. :) yay for the kids, yay
for straightedgers, yay for grownups who can handle their liquor. :) yay
for the variety of legal drinking ages in canada. yay for booze. yay for
bands. :) yay! :) :)
ps++/ please don't let the sheer stupidity of this post influence your
opinion of hercules. that is all.

"He is the cancer!" - Police Chief Wiggums