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*NEW SLOANET* problem?


Just wondering, ever since the 'new sloannet' (complete with extra e?)
has been here has anyone else been having the problem of every return
address of a message received from the list being a \!/ ?

Because of this i can't just press 'r' to reply so everyone make sure
that you put your address at the bottom of your messages so that i can
tell you what i think  of you, ok?

Also, just to beat this licenced shows thing to death, how would one
that has talked to a members of a band SUCH AS The Local Rabbits enough
so that they would recognize you get into a licenced show if you were
stopped at the door?
Do you just say "i know the band" and try to get a member out to ID you?

i would really like to go to the aug. 17th show w/ L.rabbits and
T.hermit it's odd that it's on the day of that big concert i'm playing
at chinguacousy park in brampton $plugplugplug$ buy tickets please $plug