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Re: propaganda

On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, Tara Lee Wittchen wrote:

> ps+/ the issue of all ages vs. licensed shows has been beaten to death on
> this list so many times. please stop it now before we start repeating
> ourselves over and over again, confident we will change the opinions of
> others who do not see it from our point of view. :) yay for the kids, yay
> for straightedgers, yay for grownups who can handle their liquor. :) yay
> for the variety of legal drinking ages in canada. yay for booze. yay for
> bands. :) yay! :) :)

What I want to know is... ...How do you buy beer in Ontario? When I was 
there I saw they had 'Beer Stores' - are these sort of state run places 
to buy beer? Are they the only place you can get take-home beer? In 
Pennsylvania you have to buy beer at some sort of state store and you 
have to buy a case at a time. Is it something like that?

Also: Which memberof Badfinger do you think each Sloan member is the most 
like. For instance, Patrick Pentland is sort of like Pete Ham but not 
nearly as dead. And Jay looks a lot like Joey Molland.

Which Bay City Roller?


"Gonna see the rollers got tickets for the Bay City Rollers"
					-Nick Lowe (the Jesus of Cool)