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Re: propaganda

At 10:51 PM 31/07/96 -0400, you wrote:
>What I want to know is... ...How do you buy beer in Ontario? When I was 
>there I saw they had 'Beer Stores' - are these sort of state run places 
>to buy beer? Are they the only place you can get take-home beer? In 
>Pennsylvania you have to buy beer at some sort of state store and you 
>have to buy a case at a time. Is it something like that?

When you buy beer in Ontario, you have to line-up next to those big security
guards with guns.  You must prove you are of age (43) and then when they've
finally stripped ya, you're aloud to drink one sip of 2% beer for $5 plus
170% of course.  You gotta love freedom!

Ok, so I'm being really silly... The beer is sold by the state (province
actually), yes indeed. I don't think there is a limit on how much you can
buy, although I could be wrong... why would the government turn down money?
In Quebec, beer is sold in corner stores and grocery stores, rules are quite
lax so lots o' kids get drunka real E-Zed (easy).  I heard Mr. Premier was
suppose to change the law in Ontario in order to allow beer selling in local
stores, but I don't think it'll ever happen.  

Seeyalater DrinkingAgeInfoNetters...it ain't sloannet anymore!!!!

ERic...got to love D.A.Info-net!
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