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Undershorts: a collection of the silly and the sad

This is the best thing going on in Halifax on Aug 8, 10, 11:

Rag Tag Productions presents...

Undershorts:  a collection of the silly and the sad

August 8, 10, 11 at Cafe Ole.  $8:00pm

It's a group of five short plays.  I wrote and directed one of them.  I'm 
in three of them.  (so anyone who says they haven't met me can come and 
prove themselves wrong:)  Shant Pelley is in two of them (Adam Rodenhiser 
is understudying incase Shant has to work).  Whew, you can't get anymore 
east coast/sloannet related than that.

The five plays are:	Half Empty
			A Skit On The Absence Of Miracles In Our Everyday Lives
			Eighty Feet
			The Bench
			Book Him!

Tickets are $3 in advance and can be purchased from Red Herring Co-op 
Books, or me.  Shant, are you selling?  $4 at the door.

Does anyone know who's playing at Cafe Ole on Aug 9th?  I'm going to have 
to talk to them to see that they don't disturb our stage/lighting too much.

By the way, I'm really amused by the strange posts lately.  Just to add 
to them:  I LOVE FEET!  I have a complete foot fetish, rubbing, toe 
sucking...( to much information, where's that damn delete key?:)

Ok, that about all.  If your lucky, maybe I'll remind you about the plays 
everyday, maybe twice on the days of the shows:)


ps>-Adam, your not allowed to flame me, oh and post the play info to 
    wherever you were going to if you'd be so kind.
   -Shouldn't the *vetern* fans from hell be making some sort of 
   -oh, if my Chemistry God (if he's still reading) could find me a 
    phone/fax number for a company called Mattheson, Coleman, & Bell (MCB), 
    or let me know if they just don't exist anymore, I'd...well, I'd be 
    just happy.