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ihl comp/_id_

there's a compilation cd called _killer bands from mars_ put out by iHL 
records out of quebec (distributed throughout canada via sonic unyon), 
and there are some nifty bands. (stand gt, tristan psi, tng, blah blah)

one track of particular interest (and my current fave) is "mountaineer" 
by the super friendz!  yay! :)   oh, and those dumb local rabbit boys are 
on it too... a cover of "suzanne".  (big brown) brian watters plays drums.

jay f does not look like david spade.

the fans from hell website is a featured site in the most recent edition 
of _id_.  there's also an interview with sloan (which james rocci wrote 
and posted a while ago), and those stupid local rabbit boys again.

what's the title of the sfz 10"?  does anyone know anything about what 
tracks are on it?  "up and running" perhaps????

			...sizz (under going a name change ;) )

p.s.  ok, FINE.  so he'll be in toronto when i'm in hell.  great.  
heartbroken, as usual...

carol nishitoba  :)   2B e.r.s., co-op  !   he said "sure"
ccnishit\!/cousteau.uwaterloo.ca          !   now what?