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Re: binhex decoder/last week's mail

In a message dated 96-07-30 14:10:45 EDT, you write:

>Regarding the unfortunate server mishap last week and some of our mail 
>not making it through, you all by now should have received last week's 
>mail in an encoded binhex file which the server moderator just sent to the 
>list. If anyone is interested I have the decoder to decode the file into 
>a regular text file so if anyone would like it, I would be happy to 
>e-mail it to you [not so much as I'd like to have everyone read my glowing 
>review of the Sappy Tour which passed through Toronto!...well glowing all 
>except for a disappointing performance by Moonsocket...but I still like 
>his CD on Derivative:)  ]

I'd like the actual text, If you could.
Thank you for your services,