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Re: ihl comp/_id_

In a message dated 96-07-30 16:49:41 EDT, you write:

>what's the title of the sfz 10"?  does anyone know anything about what 
>tracks are on it?  "up and running" perhaps????

>From what I can remember of what They've said pre during or after the last
two shows where I've seen them, 

-up and running
-green mechine (this is the greatest song)
-and boots (?!)

will be on the new 10", whenever it does come out

They also expressed great love for montana, where, according to charles, they
played to 5 people (including employees.)


P.S. Lonnie is starting to rival Mark Gaudet in the Greatest drummer of the
east category.  My only gripe is that everytime he hits the snare, he mouths
the word 'Pop' or 'Bop', and there sure are a lot of snare hits in a set.

>			...sizz (under going a name change ;) )