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Re: shows or anything in halifax this thursday/friday?

On Tue, 30 Jul 1996, Joey Charron wrote:
> question to you halifax sloannets,
> is there any shows or anything of interest that you know of and where
> this thursday and friday,, the 1st and the 2nd
> just wondering cause i'll be there for those two days

hey there,

i'm aware of at least two shows:

Friday, August 2 at the Birdland - Hercules, Rome Plows, Thee Suddens
(it's going to be a melodically heavy night, with lots of unnecessary :)
"woo...woo...woo's" near the end) - i bet this show will get underway
after 10 pm.

Also on Friday, August 2 at the Khyber Building - the Avengers 7 will be
playing, but i'm not sure when or with who. perhaps catano or someone
could post more information.

hope to see everyone at *both* shows!!

also, if you're in halifax on friday, tune into ckdu 97.5 fm that evening
to listen to james covey's program "cod is my co-pilot" - he'll be
interviewing the mighty hercules. i think it's on at 6 pm, but i always
forget to listen to it because i'm a loser, so it might be on at 5 or even
7. geez, i guess this post isn't as informative as i'd hoped it would be.


ps/ there are still two hercules boys up for grabs, girls, so get to the
gig early!