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Re: Undershorts: a collection of the silly and the sad

On Tue, 30 Jul 1996, Groovy Goddess wrote:

> The five plays are:	Half Empty
> 			A Skit On The Absence Of Miracles In Our Everyday Lives
> 			Eighty Feet
> 			The Bench
> 			Book Him!

I thought they were ALL called  "The Bench"  that's what the 
Doughboys guy told me.

> By the way, I'm really amused by the strange posts lately.  Just to add 
> to them:  I LOVE FEET!  I have a complete foot fetish, rubbing, toe 
> sucking...( to much information, where's that damn delete key?:)

just as long as the are not yellow stained like chris'  :)
             "I basically haven't seen my
            own in years.  I just wear socks
            all the time. So I think they're
                      just yellow."  
                                     CM from  Left Hip

> Ok, that about all.  If your lucky, maybe I'll remind you about the plays 
> everyday, maybe twice on the days of the shows:)

just as long as you don't read any Vogon poetry  at us 
before throwing us into the airlock.

>    -Shouldn't the *vetern* fans from hell be making some sort of 
>     announcment??

Yes we should :)


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to contribute to the list, but in all reality anything with your name on 
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