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Re: show dates

Riotgrrl wrote:

>Thrush Hermit with the Local Rabbits Aug. 17th \!/ The Rivoli ( i think this
>is the venue)
>Local Rabbits Aug. 30th \!/ the Ultrasound 
>Plumtree, Local Rabbits, and Broken girl Aug.31st \!/ CNE
>SEPT. 5TH in NYC at the CMJ fest
>  SLOAN and the Local Rabbits! ( I AM A -busy but REALLY HAPPY GRRL!)
>         (i don't have a venue listing  yet for this one)

>Any word on any of these shows being all ages?  Sometimes the rivoli does 
two shows, infact I've seen thrush hermit and local rabbits at this venue 
last year together.  

And another question:  When Jale plays toronto in August is that going to be 
all ages?  (I really doubt this one)  And aren't they also playing the 
x-club?  What about that show?

Can you tell I'm a desperate teen trying to go see a decent show?  I'm 18 
and a half yet forced to see all the shows with the 15 year old alterna-kids 
who use the evening more to show off their new kensington market duds than 
to enjoy the music.  I don't even enjoy most of these shows anymore because 
there's such an astonishing age gap.  I know that sounds really retarded but 
it's the truth.

 Heather           heather\!/globalserve.on.ca

    "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."  
                               -Willy Wonka