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Re: What's with Chris Murphy and the Anti-foot core... (an explanation)

>  During Edenfest wasn't the first time Chris Murphy has admitted to hating
>feet... Gordon Isnor's Left Hip zine #6 describes Criss' disgust as 'swimma
>tragedy #1: the foot complex.'  The Murph says that the hatred of bare feet
>stems back to when he was a kid... "I was wearing sandals when I was 4 and I
>got stung by on the toe by a bee."  He goes on to say that his mom has gross
>feet, too (with bunions!)... poor guy.

        Well, at Music West, Nardwaur invited Tara Lee, Neal M., and myself
to hang out at his show during his Chris Murphy interview so we could give
him the dirt on CM.  Among other things, we wanted to know what kind of
shampoo he used and what the deal with the feet was.  He was pretty mad, but
he explained that more than anything he hated feet in sandals because it was
like they were in a cage, and to him that was very grotesque.  But at the
same time he admitted that there was something very sexual about feet....hmmm.


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