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Re: liscensed shows

On Thu, 1 Aug 1996, Hal Smith wrote:

>   i would just like to say that i disagree with that.  i am 16, which 
> isn't all that far away from 15, and I don't see why just because someone 
> is a little older than me and legally allowed to buy beer that they have 
> some greater degree of coolness than me and should therefor be allowed 
> into shows.  i'm not complaining about a set drinking age, or denying 
> that there are too many dumb teenyboppers at shows, i just think it's 
> unfair to judge all people younger than you as less mature and less cool.
>    this is in no way an attack towards heather cooper, i'm just tired of 
> being catergorized because of my age.
>  ------sorry this is so negative, it's just that i feel sort of strongly 
> about it.

well, i don't mean to criticize, but in picking her apart on this topic 
and then saying you weren't picking her apart you're not making sense!
she certainly wasn't calling everyone a "teenybopper", but i certainly 
know the type! lord knows i put up with enough of them myself at some shows!
however, i also remember being 16 and having to try my damndest with adam 
rodenhiser to sneak into the double deuce to see eric's trip play! we'd 
go down at 7 or 8 at night just so we wouldn't get i.d.'ed.
it was a much better crowd...people seem to be there to enjoy a show and 
not just want to throw people around or show off the new pair of cords 
they just bought at frenchy's.
yes, it is unfortunate when you feel that you deserve to be at a show more 
than someone else, but that's life! i've missed my fair number of shows 
because i wasn't old enough to get in as well, and yes i hate going to 
see shows where people don't seem to give a rat's ass about the band 
that's performing and are more interested in trying to kill each other or 
the people around them, but if you love the music, you have to take the 
good with the bad. 
no one said they were catagorizing you. if they were, i'd have been 
lumped in with them when i was 15 and 16 going to the all ages shows as 
well, and i wouldn't have liked it either!

oh well...i really shouldn't be up right now. i'm off to bed!