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Re: What's with Chris Murphy and the Anti-foot core... (an explanation)

I can't believe I'm even bothering...
    However, Geneyus said:
>I think feet can be pretty sexy ("Is he admitting a foot fetish?")...ever
had >them rubbed?
  Feet *are* sexy (well, mine are at least).  Be kind to yr feet and they
will take you magical and interesting places.  

>Confront your feet.  Tell them how
>you truly feel and the three of you will work out your differences.

  During Edenfest wasn't the first time Chris Murphy has admitted to hating
feet... Gordon Isnor's Left Hip zine #6 describes Criss' disgust as 'swimma
tragedy #1: the foot complex.'  The Murph says that the hatred of bare feet
stems back to when he was a kid... "I was wearing sandals when I was 4 and I
got stung by on the toe by a bee."  He goes on to say that his mom has gross
feet, too (with bunions!)... poor guy.

   God, this is more scintillating than even the Beatles' comparisons...


   "It was not lost on me
    But he was waiting for
    you to fall..."