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binhex decoder/last week's mail

Regarding the unfortunate server mishap last week and some of our mail 
not making it through, you all by now should have received last week's 
mail in an encoded binhex file which the server moderator just sent to the 
list. If anyone is interested I have the decoder to decode the file into 
a regular text file so if anyone would like it, I would be happy to 
e-mail it to you [not so much as I'd like to have everyone read my glowing 
review of the Sappy Tour which passed through Toronto!...well glowing all 
except for a disappointing performance by Moonsocket...but I still like 
his CD on Derivative:)  ]



p.s. What is the band Scarce like? I see they are opening for Jale in 
August...which reminds `So wound' has really grown on me. It's not as 
instantly catchy as their early singles or `Dreamcake' but it is a mature 
album and Mike Bellitsky on drums is a great addition. His drumming on 
`Ali' is so fluid.