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Re: not as much e.c. content as most would like.

bobbie gagnon. wrote:
> (i tried to send this message when those problems were happening but didn't
> work...so i'm sending it now)
> >>i am planning on staying in toronto for a few days in august...i thought
> to myself
> >>"while i'm down there i should go see a show".
> >>i find one(rage against the machine at the varsity arena) and i go to buy
> tickets
> >>and am GREATLY DISAPPOINTED because it was sold out.
> >>
> >>the point of my post is...does anyone know of any decent shows in the toronto
> >>area august 8th, 9th, or 10th to make up for the saddened loss of seeing
> >>one of my favorite bands????
> >>it'd be greatly appreciated.
> >>

six finger satellite is playing at rotate this on the 6th and at the 
rivoli on the seventh.  oops, wrong dates.  you won't be here yet.  what 
a drag to mess those shows.  sfs at rotate.  i won't be here either.  
godheadSiol is at the rivoli on the 7th (with sfs).  you'll miss that one 
too.  what good am i anyway?

when is sloan playing in thorold?