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What's with Chris Murphy and the Anti-foot core...

I was having this conversation with a friend about how I wish I could cut
off my feet and start all over again.  I'm not a fan of my own toes, but I
try to take care of them.  My bandmates and I annoint each others feet every
Thursday before practice.  I think feet can be pretty sexy ("Is he admitting
a foot fetish?")...ever had them rubbed?

>lil' 'ol me does hate feet.

>they aren't really necessary are they?

I maybe wrong here...but I think you need them to stand up...

>i mean they're really icky and yuk.

You've got to cut the toenails, scrub the corns, and rub mazola on them.
Take care of your feet and they'll get you where you're going.

>now that i have an interantional audience i'm not going to be ashamed any
>longer, i'm going to stand up and announce my shame......


Don't hide from your shame.  Your feet will be with you for life.  No matter
how you dress them up they'll remain the same.  Just because you can't see
them, doesn't mean they're not there.  Confront your feet.  Tell them how
you truly feel and the three of you will work out your differences.

One foot in the grave...Geneyus.