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Re: Sizzle Teens

hey, i wrote that, and it's ALL TRUE!!!!

On Mon, 29 Jul 1996, Patrick Wilkins wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I just found this in the July 1996 Discorder (CITR's program guide), in the
> local notes section:
> A Vancouver-Halifax conflict appears to be in the works. Long time Vancouver
> band SIZZLE TEENS (comprised of Nic (BLAISE PASCAL), Sean and Warren
> (SUPERCONDUCTOR), and Paul (SLOWHAND MALCOLM)) have taken offense to a line
> in the liner notes of SLOAN's new album, _One Chord To Another_. "Having
> already 'blown minds' with colourful & unusual words like 'cajole' and
> 'sizzleteen' on earlier tracks..."
> Their history: In 1991, Sizzle Teens opened for ROYAL TRUX at the Hungry Eye
> and a small unknown band called Sloan was at the show. On their second
> record, the song "Snowsuit Sound" included a line about a "sizzleteen".
> Sloan have apparently admitted to a member of a Vancouver band that they
> were indeed inspired by the band they saw at the Hungry Eye. The Sizzle
> Teens have e-mailed MURDERecords, demanding that they be compensated for the
> use of their name. They've suggested that an opening slot on Sloan's
> upcoming cross-Canada tour would be adequate. We'll keep you informed..."
> As you can see, this could affect sizzleteens all over Canada (you know who
> you are). Comments?
> patrick
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