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Re: The 80s...Suprise...not much EC content (was mucheast/Sappy Tour)

On Mon, 29 Jul 1996, geneyus wrote:

> >...then just this past weekend they had an '80s weekend(boy did it bring
> back >memories...I can't believe I was into the Thompson Twins...yech). I
> need my >Mucheast fix!
> Not sure when Mucheast is coming back but I found your comments on the '80s
> pretty amusing.  Me and me flat mates were watching the exact same video (I
> assume you're talking about Doctor, Doctor) and remarking on how funny it
> was that we're products of that.  We figured that the 80s are the first
> generation to fully come under intense scrutiny due to the video revolution.
> Suddenly there was this new medium that noone really had a handle on.
> Remember when videos tried to tell a story.  Ah...the good old days...
 TO bring EC content into the fold the Karate Man video by the 
Superfriendz is one video that comes to mind that tells a story(the 
manufacturing by record company weasels of the ultimate pop band). Of 
course the Superfriendz video was totally satirical. But alot of the 80's 
videos that attempted to tell a story(remember that Pat Benatar `We are 
youn...' song) were just plain bad, well at least IMO. 

> By the way, i think Talk Talk's "Life's What you make it" stands the test of
> time.  It's still a very cool vid...

Yes that is a great video and a great song. My favourite 80's band were 
the Smiths btw. 

> >Mike(boy has the list been slow recently)
> The only thing slower than Sloan-Net is...Geneyus