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Just A few Obsessive Compulsive E.T. Questions:


1.  What Songs Are On these?

-Fish and Shit   
-Six Feet Under       
-Raw Engery 

2.  Does *Anybody* Have This?

-Notes from Stereo Mountian   	

3.  Are Any of these still in print, or available?  Subpop Is out of all of
the ones that they offered.

-Moonsocket(2nd issue)       18 song cass   	
-Socket to Me           	9 song cass   		
-Spaced Odd Ditties      7 song 7inch  		
-Feeling Around +7        8 song 7inch  	

4.  I'm looking For *any* live Eric's Trip on Video.  I've got some shows on
video and some audio to trade.  E-mail me privately, please.
Thanks, Adam.