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Re: The 80s...Suprise...not much EC content (was mucheast/Sappy Tour)

>But alot of the 80's videos that attempted to tell a story(remember that
Pat >Benatar `We are youn...' song) were just plain bad, well at least IMO. 

I thought the Wang-Chung video for "Dance Hall Daze" was pretty amusing
myself, specially the part where the disco ball falls to the ground and
hatches this mirror-covered dancer.  More Cheese, please...

>Yes that is a great video and a great song. My favourite 80's band were 
>the Smiths btw. 

Ditto.  I still dust off my Meat is Murder and Hatful of Hollow discs every
now and again.  I thought Echo and the Bunnymen were pretty fine as well.
However both bands can't be included in the 80s phenom because they had taste.

"This man said it's gruesome that
 someone so...geneyus...should care".