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The 80s...Suprise...not much EC content (was mucheast/Sappy Tour)

>...then just this past weekend they had an '80s weekend(boy did it bring
back >memories...I can't believe I was into the Thompson Twins...yech). I
need my >Mucheast fix!

Not sure when Mucheast is coming back but I found your comments on the '80s
pretty amusing.  Me and me flat mates were watching the exact same video (I
assume you're talking about Doctor, Doctor) and remarking on how funny it
was that we're products of that.  We figured that the 80s are the first
generation to fully come under intense scrutiny due to the video revolution.
Suddenly there was this new medium that noone really had a handle on.
Remember when videos tried to tell a story.  Ah...the good old days...

By the way, i think Talk Talk's "Life's What you make it" stands the test of
time.  It's still a very cool vid...

>2. I recently saw the Sappy Tour pass through Toronto and I was wondering 
>why Tara wasn't playing with Orange Glass(Julie aka Broken Girl took over 
>bass duties)? Also are the Orange Glass fella's Moonsocket's permanent 
>band and do they play on his new CD?

How many sloan-netters were actually there?  Was that me lurking in the
darkness?  Hmmmm...

>Mike(boy has the list been slow recently)

The only thing slower than Sloan-Net is...Geneyus