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mucheast/Sappy Tour

I just have a couple of questions that I hope someone can answer.

1. When is Mucheast coming back? For the past couple of weeks it hasn't 
been shown because of special presentations. First, they had those 
Muchmusic Rock n Roll games(and I missed the Killjoys performance which 
was the only thing I was really interested in seeing) and then just this 
past weekend they had an '80s weekend(boy did it bring back memories...I 
can't believe I was into the Thompson Twins...yech). I need my Mucheast 

2. I recently saw the Sappy Tour pass through Toronto and I was wondering 
why Tara wasn't playing with Orange Glass(Julie aka Broken Girl took over 
bass duties)? Also are the Orange Glass fella's Moonsocket's permanent 
band and do they play on his new CD?

Mike(boy has the list been slow recently)