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Sizzle Teens

Hey folks,

I just found this in the July 1996 Discorder (CITR's program guide), in the
local notes section:

A Vancouver-Halifax conflict appears to be in the works. Long time Vancouver
band SIZZLE TEENS (comprised of Nic (BLAISE PASCAL), Sean and Warren
(SUPERCONDUCTOR), and Paul (SLOWHAND MALCOLM)) have taken offense to a line
in the liner notes of SLOAN's new album, _One Chord To Another_. "Having
already 'blown minds' with colourful & unusual words like 'cajole' and
'sizzleteen' on earlier tracks..."
Their history: In 1991, Sizzle Teens opened for ROYAL TRUX at the Hungry Eye
and a small unknown band called Sloan was at the show. On their second
record, the song "Snowsuit Sound" included a line about a "sizzleteen".
Sloan have apparently admitted to a member of a Vancouver band that they
were indeed inspired by the band they saw at the Hungry Eye. The Sizzle
Teens have e-mailed MURDERecords, demanding that they be compensated for the
use of their name. They've suggested that an opening slot on Sloan's
upcoming cross-Canada tour would be adequate. We'll keep you informed..."

As you can see, this could affect sizzleteens all over Canada (you know who
you are). Comments?

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