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Server hiccups.

Graham here, the guy hosting the sloannet.
Please do not send email to sloannet asking about "testing", "is this thing
up?", etc.
Thanks. Those messages can be sent to your moderator at jrcovey\!/is.dal.ca or
me at postmaster\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com.

Your messages for the last day have been all sent to me multiplied by the
number of people on the sloannet list, multiplied by the number of retry
failures. I arrived this morning to find 5000+ messages in my mailbox :>

Yes, the problem started four days ago. The people we get our line feed from
had a problem at their end, and changed the correction parameters unaware
that they were incorrect. Consequently, there has been some intermittent
I have rebooted the server and expect the thing to work OK. This is a test.
Any messages that got stuck in the mail queue for sloannet I will try to
annotate into one message (or so).
Regards :>
Graham Judge			(902)471-2667
Thunder New Media
"The Art and Science of the Imagination"
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