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Paste me!

 i am telling you right now, i am still high on last night.  no, the "x"s
stayed on my hands, i was high on the performance by Plumtree.  i did not
want to leave an hour and a half after the performance was over.
Pluto cancelled because of a sore throat and it was all Plumtree wednesday
night at the Nickel Lounge.  
 this was my first taste of Plumtree and i enjoyed it beyond belief.
i had quite a spiffy conversation with Lynette.  She explained how afraid
they were of Buffalo, sprinting from their van to the venue door with
equipment in hand. hey, quit spreading all those nasty rumors!

 fellow Sloannetter Julie W., D'Arcy, and friend Trish whipped up some
goodies for the band.  Plumtree was pretty much on a high on the fact that
we had shown up for them.  Thank you Colin, for sending such great talent
this way.  Keep it coming.