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July 27 show at Lee's

Hello, friends.

Well it seems like another east-coast-a-thon at lee's... well not
really... this saturday's all ages show is

Orange Glass
Broken Girl

And for anyone who didn't get a neet hot-pink post card from Squirtgun
like *I* did the doors open at 1:30 pm, no mention of when the show
actually starts... around 2:30 i'd guess.

So of course it's fun to meet sloanet people and i'll give a phys
description and what i'll be wearing (yes, i plan this far in advance):
About 5'10", short curly dark brown hair, glasses with black plastic
frames, caucasian.  AS FOR clothes: dark green alternative 'one-stars',
dark brown pants, short sleeved white dress shirt and black necktie.
Probably toting a green backpack as well. MAYBE wearing a nametag, but
no promises. it won't say Marc Brown :) Myabe NOVACAIN.

       Finally, as a quick plug, if you are in/around the brampton area
(i.e. you live in tornto, mississauga, etobicoke) and are free on Aug.
17 from 1-6 pm e-mail me or talk to me on Sat about getting a ticket to
a concert i'm playing at a local park with NOVACAIN. $6 each. i'm
desparate ;)  Try selling tickets to your friends when all of the bands
have the same friends!!!

       Also, thank's to Lee Maslin for the kickin' plug on the Indie
Hour last night on CFNY, basically calling this list a place for crazy
people with no lives... wikid.


Christopher Peressotti III, Esq.