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Re: My other post.

Here are the answers I have from Adam's questions.

>Numbah' one.
>Did we ever determine exactly what Matt Clarke Said in 'Watchin' You'?

I think this is what was said, though Mike Pick could clarify!

It's part of the act, I imagine what's real
. . .
It's not enough, you're a healer
. . .
That's it

though when the time came to put the lyrics together for the video
submission what had been said seemed to be a blur in most Hardship Poster's

>Has Muchmusic recieved the Video for 'Girlfriend' Yet?


>Is the new Elevator to hell LP only? Is it limited to 1000 again?

the new ETH is an EP, yes it will be limited, I'm not sure how many.
the previous LP and this new EP will be combined on a CD entitled "Parts 1-3"

>Is the 'Hey Hey' CD you can get by subscribing to chart the same as the
>import CD on the June Subpop Update?

yes. This CD single is also available on vinyl at finer record stores or via
1-800-subpop-1 for mailorder

>Is there a way (besides ordering something every month) to recieve those
>updates through the mail?

check out www.subpop.com, the answers should all be there.
once you're on the main page go to "network info".

>Is Love Tara still available on vinyl?

nope this is sold out. Forever Again and Purple Blue as well as the Gordon
Street Haunting 7" are still available on vinyl.

>Is anyone still reading?

i am.

>How old are the Members of Eric's Trip?

I'm not sure I can divulge this info but between 25 and 35 for sure!