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Re: impact/sloan on much

there will be a sloan spotlight on much music, august 5, 1996.  

..and alanis later that month ;)  always too hot, never too cold..

> with bands that are "Big IN Japan" like Shampoo.  Of course, the japanese 
> girl I was with had never heard of sloan, because all the teens there are 
> all gung-ho on some Japanese NKOTB called SMAP.  
hahaha!!!!  omigod, that would be sooo freakin' hilarious if sloan were 
to cover a smap song.... AND do the moves!!  imagine murphy doing back 
flips and posing for the crowd.. jay rapping in songs...  andrew in those 
outfits.... patrick doing those cheesy moves...  nah. but sloan would be 
closer to tokio, but that's a different story....

			...sizzle teen

p.s.  too bad the group hikaru-genji no longer exists -- they sung and 
danced using rollerskates...

carol nishitoba  :)   2B e.r.s., co-op  !   funeral or wedding, it's the
ccnishit\!/cousteau.uwaterloo.ca          !    same thing....