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My other post.

I just worked 5 straight Midnight shifts, stayed awake during the days, and
went to a concert that got delayed. Needless to day my mind hasn't exactly
been in it's normal state (Insert lame joke about the normal state of my mind
here.). No, But what it has been doing is wandering a lot, and here are
roughly a billion questions That popped in over those five days, that I could
not answer.  Granted, this could be because I have approximately the same
mental reaction time of an Ice cube right now, but I think it's more likely
that I just didn't know the Answer. 

Numbah' one.
Did we ever determine exactly what Matt Clarke Said in 'Watchin' You'?
Is Matt Clarke Still Actively Playing Music?
How many members are in the Avengers 7? (This one I might have been able to
figure out, but just to be sure.)
Is the name a tip of the hat to the avengers 6 who recieved a former tip of
the hat from M.O.A.M.?
Has Muchmusic recieved the Video for 'Girlfriend' Yet?
Whatever became of that Rarities CD that Rick+Mark were talking about on
muchEast awhile back?
Has Subpop agreed to Put it out?
Is the new Elevator to hell LP only? Is it limited to 1000 again?
Is the 'Hey Hey' CD you can get by subscribing to chart the same as the
import CD on the June Subpop Update?
Is there a way (besides ordering something every month) to recieve those
updates through the mail?
Has anyone recieved Les Amis yet?
What is jay's sick attraction to turtle necks?
Is Love Tara still available on vinyl?
Is anyone still reading?
I just found out that the reason I haven't been able to most my tab stuff to
Olga is because EMI went an' Kilt it.  Does anyone know more on this story?
How old are the Members of Eric's Trip?
I've also been at work each time the Acousic Sloan songs are played.  They
seem to favor People of the sky.  Does anyone have these on tape?  I've got
assorted trade bait.
Ditto for E.T.  Bootlegs, etc.
Does the Canadian version of Odelay have The extra two tracks or the regular

That's it for Now. 
Thank you for any answers you may be able to provide, though I cannot
guarrantee I'll be concious to read them for at least 24 hours.

"hey scratch, Is this a good one?"