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You wrote:

>I'm with you. I've had a similar idea of us all sending e-mail one day to 
>muchmusic to request a Spotlight on Sloan(which I don't think I ever 
>seen) or one of the other east coast bands. So let's see where this goes! 
>C'mon people, get together!
Sometime shortly after TR was released I saw a Sloan spotlight.  But they 
only had like 4 videos at the time and a few clips of the band so they 
filled in the last 15 minutes with Pearl Jam videos or something stupid.  
But I was still impressed because Much music wouldn't have bothered airing 
something so short if it hadn't been for the pressure from us obsessive fans.

Speaking of which, I was just listening to CFNY previewing the stupid Noise 
CD and the guy from Squirtgun who's on this list said that everyone on 
sloanet had nothing better to do with our time.  Ah, but I suppose it was 
all in good fun so we'll let it slide.

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