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Outdoor show/Experimental Music Fest/Ottawa

On July 20, dpound wrote:

>Anyone know anything about the big three day concert taking place outside of
>halifax. A friend said they saw it in the local newspaper and that 40 major
>label bands and 30 indie bands were playing. The rummer is that Sonic
>Youuth and Neil Young are playing. It's on the 23, 24 and 25 in

They may have been referring to 'Valleypalooza' (now, that's an original
name) that is happening in Berwick, Nova Scotia (my hometown- before you
start dissin').  Its a 2-day outdoor camp-over where people take tents,
drink a lot, and listen to Valley (or Valley associated) alt-rock music on
a farm.  Its a spiritual experience.  Really.  Its this weekend, and the
bands playing are:

Friday (July 26)

Dave Newland
The InnKeepers
The Unknown
The Purple Helmets
Burnt Black
The Apocaypse

Saturday (July 27)

Coo-Coo Head
Hu Noo
Urban Surf Kings
Kudzu ("Climbin' up that alternative ladder...")

Save for a few, I can't tell you much about the bands, but I can tell you
how to get there.  Email me if you need the directions.  Apparently, the
Sonic Youth rumour isn't true, but Neil Young and Steve Shelley have some
weird project going, and they will be playing there.  It will be,
obviously, the last band playing- probably around midnight Sat. night.  The
cost for the whole festival and campground usage is $10- all ages.

If you're staying in Haltown this weekend- check out the Experimental Music
Festival at the Church (North Street) starting at 8:00 Fri. night and Sat.
night.  I think the aforemention Surf Poets are playing- was well as lots
of weird, crazy shit.  Local percussion guru Essen is doing some project
with one of his idols whose name escapes me- but it'll be worth seeing.
Its $8 waged, $6 unwaged- and sponsored by CKDU- presumably all ages- but
don't quote me.

Finally- could someone in Ottawa please email me the next time The Wooden
Stars or Furnaceface play IN Ottawa.

Thanx dudes,